Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Let them eat cake

I have just finsihed my second cake plate. I has 3 tiers and 3 different pictures on each plate. Perfect for a mad hatters tea party.
this will also be available at the vintage market on the 11th july.

Theres something fishy going on.....

A tea set featuring fish, a fish saucer and a sandwich plate with a hypnotic crab.

Confussion is Sexy...

Another vintage vandalism to add to the collection.
this set includes a tea cup, saucer & sandwich plate.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vintage Vandalism

It seems recently I have been neglecting my blog, so I thought it was about time I posted what I've been up to.

Although it is not directly associated with my 'artwork' I have been illustrating some of my tea sets with my usual style of drawing, and some just for funsies really. I will soon post some images of my hand made cake stands.

I think making things like this gives me something fun to do whilst in the midst of a bit of a creative block.

I am hoping to sell these items at a vintage market next month.

As well as drawing on my tea sets I have been playing with the idea of miniature 'tea' jewellery, and tea cup rings. A little bit kitsch and qwerky!

So... if anyone would like to see more of these items or even purchase any they will be available the 11th july at Browns Independant bar Vintage Market.

will post new stuff soon :)