Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Truth about Creativity

Kinda how I feel creating new artwork or ceramics is going....

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vintage Vandalism on Etsy!! Shop now open!

I have just opened my own shop on etsy!!  take a look, there are more items to be added so watch this space!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Creepy Critters

 Creepy Critter milk jug

Creepy Critter Tea cup & saucer

Keep them baby hands out the sugar bowl!

 Sugar/trinket jar
A small white china sugar jar I've painted with baby or doll hands.  I think it would make a pretty cute trinket jar for all your little knic-knacs.  My favorite feature of this jar is the little tooth detail on the lid.

Teatime cake/jewellery stand

mini Cake/jewellery stand

This cute little stand can be used as both a mini cake stand, for biscuits and treats, or a lovely jewellery stand, with different tiers for different items of jewellery.
The base is made of a floral tea cup, and fixed to the top tier is a small ceramic teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl.  A sweet addition, plus handy for hanging necklace chains and bracelets.
This stand is still avaliable to buy.

'Sisters' cup commission

I was comissioned to paint a cup based on rosie the riveter.

The lovely Beverley Forster specially comissioned it as a present for a friend.  Beverley herself is a great artisan of lamps and shades, and she sells these lamps in local vintage fairs and has a store on Esty :

Here is a sample of her gorgeous lamps

If you would like a specially comission cake stand or teacup, or if you would like an item personalised, please send me the information in an email.  I also accept Paypal.  

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vintage fair - June 4th

I will be selling more of my vintage vandalism stuff at the vintage street fair in leamington, so pop down if your not busy!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Moth Jar

Thank you Harvey for the lovely jar.  Handpainted with stylised moths :)

Adorable Jewellery stands/mini cake stands

 I've been making smaller versions of my usuall cake stands, I think these make great jewellery stands, different teirs for different items of jewellery.
of if your a tea and cake gal like myself, it still suits smaller cakes and biscuits.

Tumble bunny £40

Purchase here:
sweet deer £40

Breakfast on the go...

 I have made a selection of new rings, this includes a cheese and tomate sandwich, for all you sanwich lovers - the tomato slices are mega intricate.  Also, a slice of buttered toast if you enjoy a light breakfast.  And the amazing full breakfast.

The minature sandwich, toast and breakfast was made by the talented Fran Knight 
 check out more of her lovely minature here.

The breakfast rings are made of hand made componants.  They copme in two sizes, the large above and a smaller one below - real statment rings.  Singer Paloma faith wore a similar ring on never mind the buzzcocks, but I have to admit, these are somewhat more detailed.
All of these will be availiable at the browns vintage fair, or email me of you would like one posted as I accept paypal.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party

Not long got back from Manchester tattoo tea party (last weekend) It was my first time working the Vintage Vandalism stall at a large fair. I had a wonderful time, and everyine was so supportive and great to talk too.

I couldn't have done it or have such a good time wthout my lovely friend Amy (in the photo above). Also thanks to all the organizers and workers at the tea party.

All the stock went down well, and I will deffinitley do it again :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mar-Tea-ni glasses...

Cocktail glasses - Sold

Beautiful cocktail glasses with a blue art deco glass base.

Little cup of horrors - Audrey jnr

Audrey Jnr £20

Honour Thy Tea

Honour Thy Tea - £36