Friday, 26 March 2010


Recently I have been working on a series of 5 etchings depicting different animal masks. They are still currently in progress but I thought I would share where I have got to so far..

Dog mask I

Rabbit Mask I

Pig Mask I

In terms of the prints themselves I feel there is a lot of changes to be made, such as the paper - I have been considering using a different paper that is a darker shade of cream/yellow. Also just practicing with the printing and attempting to get the quality of print to a higher standard.

I wanted to make a series of mask prints as they feature so frequently in my drawings. I tend not to draw faces bit have them masked, i feel this gives a sense of anonymity, or an air of mystery to the character.
The animal masks have almost begun to represent archetypal characters, that re-appear from time to time absorbed in their own world and absurd or uncanny activities.
I'm not sure the personalities or traits each animal has in my drawings - or whether it is something I wish to develop in the future, but I enjoy the fact I don't really know, it's like saving a little mystery for myself.
who knows what I will have them do in my next drawing or what mischief they will cause?


  1. I really like the pig mask. He has such a snooty air about him, perhaps he feels that he is the wise squire within this band of up-to-no-gooders :)

    Thank yo for the post

  2. these are beautiful. really lovely, getting the technique down to a T! x

  3. Thank you both! Yeah I think the pig is the creepiest.
    Hopefully with a bit of improvement they will be better - I'll put them up when they are.
    Thanks again for your comments xx